Nancy Day has been writing music all her life. She has produced 12 recordings of original music and lyrics since 1980. Nancy Day has toured in 39 of the 50 states and has written and produced original music and lyrics for over 12 CDs.

Nancy is a prolific songwriter, poet, percussionist and pianist. She has written musical scores for Claymation films, documentaries, anthems for universities, and for four musicals. Her music is listed in Laura Davis’ book “The Courage to Heal” as a powerful and inspiring healing tool.

Her melodies are irresistable and memorable, and she is a prolific and passionate poet. Her music, full of truth and hope, leaves audiences refreshed and wanting more. Besides performing her own original music in concert, Nancy composes for children's programming, film, video, pop bands, musicals, concert choirs, corporate and non-profit organizations, and national conferences. Even her theme songs are marketable and unforgettable.

Nancy is known for her exceptional vocals on the classics and standards. In her concerts you will hear a wide array of music…everything from country, jazz and ragtime to musical theater and enchanting love songs. Nancy is a polished stylist and an enthusiastic and personable performer.

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