2003 Release

(Double CD)

  1. Dawn

2.You Alone Are A Song

  3. Countryside
  4. Waltz
  5. Wildwood
  6. Starting Over
  7. True Love
  8. I'd Rather Dance Alone

9. Ame's Song

  11. Inspired
  12. Shining Star
  13. Sing You to Sleep
  14. Dream
  15. Where Heaven Is


Nancy Day Solo is a double CD!   A steal at $25.00!

One includes the intimacy of her vocals at the piano and guitar.....an honoring of her poetry and authentic songwriting. And the other features her rare ability to create gorgeous improvisational piano music. You will hear an hour of Nancy's ability to melt your heart with her passionate melodies and delicate weavings on the keys.

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