Picture of Nancy
Picture of Nancy   Having performed all kinds of styles of music and recorded and toured as a vocalist, pianist, and writer, Nancy offers a complete package for any student wanting to expand their horizons. She tailors her lessons to each student’s needs and helps them take the steps necessary to move towards their own dreams. Many students have recorded their own CDs as a result of their success and have written their own songs as well. Nancy offers voice, piano and composition lessons for any student who is wanting to learn and willing to work. You can be a beginner or a professional. We all need to grow!  

Nancy offers many years of experience as a professional voice teacher. Her skills as a trainer will help you gain stamina and increase your vocal range. Her musicality will provide you with opportunities to improve your phrasing and understanding of diverse musical styles. Nancy is compassionate and enthusiastic. With her you will have the support it takes to overcome your own personal obstacles. With Nancy’s guidance and your dedication, you will find yourself more open versatile as a vocalist and more confident as a performer. She will help you polish your stage presence and musical and lyrical interpretation of whatever music you choose to sing. Nancy will help you take the steps necessary to move your own mountains. You may write to Nancy on email in order to get references.

If you have always wanted to play piano and/or improve your talents and have the energy and time to make a commitment, Nancy offers various options for your learning experience. She can help you accomplish the basic skills and techniques necessary for developing your own relationship with the keyboard. Nancy is patient, kind and aware of your own potential. She will give you just the right amount of challenge and enough room to move through each step of the process. Nancy’s piano students work on sight reading, technical skills and exercises, and chordal relationships and structures which will allow you to start being creative with your own compositional skills and performance.

Nancy is at home with many styles of music. She guides many students in their creative process of writing music and lyrics. She has a great understanding of what makes a mainstream song a possible hit and what makes a classical piece complete. If you have never written a song and you want to but don’t play an instrument, Nancy can listen to your ideas and help formulate them into one. If you want to bring a song of your own to Nancy and have solid critical feedback, Nancy offers the kind of advice that will make the most of what you have already created. If you have any desire to create your own song, with or without lyrics, Nancy is a prolific writer with keen insights which will improve your confidence and understanding of what it takes to make a song.

What better way to get to know yourself than by exploring your intuition through music? Improvisation is a one of a kind process. It takes guts and permission to let yourself "find your way" within the melody and lyrics on stage. Nancy has taught many musical theater workshops and improv classes and can help you release your hidden creative flow. You can improve your humor, find your deeper sadness or grieving, express your longings or beliefs and free yourself of worry and inhibition. Nancy is unconditionally loving through this process and she recognizes the bravery involved. Once you take that plunge, you will find that you are safe, empowered and ready for whatever is next.
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