What People have said about Nancy's "Dinner with Dickens" show at Clay Hill Farm in Maine:

"This Musical Sensation took my breathe away..." -J.B.

"This was better than Broadway! The intimate theater, the food,
the music, the actors, the energy...this show left me speechless." -S.C.

"I have never experienced anything like this dinner theater!
I was captivated from the very start- the actors and the music
drew me in and never let go!"- L.L.

"My new favorite Holiday Tradition is DINNER with DICKENS!"- B.K.

"What a captivating way to celebrate the Holidays!! BRAVO!!" -L.B.

  More Testimonials to Nancy's Inspirational music:

"Keep your eyes and ears open for Nancy Day. Her strong spirited voice and haunting melodies are irrresistible." -- Adrienne Torfe, Composer, Producer, New York City
  "Nancy Day belongs in Carnegie Hall with 12 dozen roses and a Mason Hamlin concert grand piano. She is an energetic, passionate, and prolific songwriter." -- Dino Sierp, Concert Producer
  "Nancy Day is the kind of musician who makes you feel that you have known her all your life. Her vocals range from a soft alto to an uplifting soprano. She is skilled on both keyboards (piano and organ) and acoustic guitar. She is so genuine and appealing that you feel drawn to her music from the very first notes." -- Roberta Schwartz, Music Reviewer
  "A dynamic, artistically stunning performer. Her keyboard style is strong, clear and decisive, while her vocals soar with emotional brilliance. Her music invites you to sing, to laugh, to cry and to feel truly alive!" -- Peter King, Music Critic
  "Nancy Day has impeccable taste in the selection of her material. Nancy has a way of making songs that I've heard so many times seem brand new to me and her passionate delivery brings tears to my eyes. The subjects of her pen are expressed with honesty and a depth of feeling that no one can ignore. Nancy has a way of putting into words and music a great many things we'd all like to express, but are not sure how....She is an excellent musician who must not be missed." Phoebe Otis, Music Reviewer
  "I have employed Nancy Day to perform for several exclusive parties at my home and at a club in Salem, MA. Her CDs have sold like hotcakes to my clients, who want her in their cars, homes and even their offices as much as possible. Nancy Day is a master of many styles, and keeps her fingers in all of them equally. Anyone who likes the best in popular musical entertainment should make an effort to hear Nancy Day many many times!" Bill Sano, Producer of party entertainment March 1999  
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